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Issue 20, Apr 2013 

Redoubling our Efforts to End Fall Fatalities 


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One year ago, OSHA, NIOSH and CPWR joined together with members of the NORA Construction Sector Council to launch a nationwide campaign targeting fall fatalities in construction. It's not hard to figure out why -- almost every working day somewhere in the United States a workplace fall takes the life of a man or woman in the building industry. Every year more than 10,000 construction workers suffer serious injuries from falls.


We built a website,  www.stopconstructionfalls.com, that serves as a home base for the campaign. There the Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction offers toolbox talks, handouts, training guides, research reports, instructional videos, and news of the campaign. While you're there, You can click on a map to learn about fatal construction falls in your community. And if you are responsible for a construction project, you can learn about the latest fall prevention strategies, techniques and tools -- including links to fall protection equipment.


I invite you to join me, Jim Maddux (Director of OSHA's Directorate of Construction) and Christine Branche (Director of the NIOSH Office of Construction Safety and Health) for a webinar next week -- at 11 a.m. EST on Wednesday, April 10. You will learn what we've done so far and what's in store for year two of the campaign. You can register today at OH&S magazine, which has graciously agreed to host the event. 


Roof Fall Study Released 


CPWR's Data Center, meanwhile, has released a new study on one subset of those fatal falls. "Fatal falls from roofs among U.S. construction workers" identifies a number of groups at elevated risk, among them: 

  • Employees of small construction firms. Two-thirds of fatal falls from roofs were suffered by employees of firms reporting 10 or fewer employees.
  • Hispanics. Hispanic construction workers have a 54% higher risk of experiencing a fatal fall from a roof than non-Hispanics.
  • Residential construction workers. While residential building sites account for 18% of construction occupational fatalities overall, they witness more than a third of all fatal roof falls.

The study appears in the February edition of the Journal of Safety Research.

Pete Stafford

Executive Director    




Recently Published Journal Articles by CPWR Scholars


Injury Rates, Severity, and Drug Testing Programs in Small Construction Companies. Schofield K, Alexander B, Gerberich S, and Ryan A. Journal of Safety Research, February 2013.


Fatal Falls from Roofs among U.S. Construction Workers. Dong X., Choi S, Borchardt J, Wang X, Largay J. Journal of Safety Research, February 2013. 


Controlling Dust from Concrete Saw Cutting. Shepherd S and Woskie S. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, February 2013





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