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Hazard Alert Cards

Hazard Alerts are short, image-driven materials that deliver simple, direct messages for protection against safety and health hazards faced by construction workers. They are available in two formats: printed cards folded to “pocket size” of 3 ½” x 5 ½” and one-page PDFs. Printed cards are water-resistant and built to last. Trainers and site safety directors are ordering cards for classes and as handouts at toolbox talks. Get English and Spanish-language PDF versions now by clicking on links below.

To order Hazard Alert pocket cards: Email or call 301-495-8544.

          Please specify the number of cards you’d like on each topic. 


Hazard Alert Archive

Older versions of CPWR’s popular Hazard Alerts are longer and more detailed, but they have no photos or drawings. Their length makes them a good follow-up piece, or they can serve as toolbox talks. The topics below are available as PDFs. Contact us if you’d like to receive a pocket-size card.

Original alerts: