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Hispanic workers employed in small businesses may be less likely to experience a strong safety climate on construction worksites, and it may account for their disproportionate injury rates. In order to design effective safety interventions targeted at small construction businesses, it is essential to be able to capture the realities experienced by this population accurately. The overall goal of this study was to translate into Spanish and pilot-test CPWR-The Center for Construction Research and Training’s (CPWR) Safety Climate Assessment Tool for Small Contractors (S-CATSC), which was developed as a Roofing r2p Partnership project, among a population of small Hispanic construction contractors and workers. Cognitive interviews were used to identify potential problems with the Spanish version of the S-CATSC in the context of small construction businesses owned by Hispanics and employing Hispanic construction workers. An item by item analysis of the S-CATSC tool allowed the identification of problematic words. Accordingly, the research team replaced them by terms more generalizable to the different Hispanic backgrounds. Feedback from the interviews was used to modify the terminology used in the Spanish version and to understand its applicability to small contractors. The study findings were based on a qualitative analysis of the interviews conducted.


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