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Preventing Head Injuries

Each year, thousands of construction workers suffer head injuries on the job.  Some common causes of head injuries include:

Opioids Awareness Training Program

The latest addition to CPWR's resources for responding to opioids in construction is a training program, intended to be used by experienced NABTU instructors, that is designed to increase awareness of opioids and decrease stigma associated with opioid use.

Communications, Outreach and Education Core

Bill Wright

Research Team: Sharretta Benjamin

New CPWR-Supported Research

CPWR’s new five-year cooperative agreement with NIOSH to continue serving as the National Construction Center through 2024 means that we welcome new and continuing university partners into our research consortium. It also signals the start of multi-year research projects and programs, all designed to reduce construction worker injury, death, and disease.

Prevention through Augmented Pre-Task Planning

Through a collaboration with general contractors, electrical construction associations, and unions, this project will identify high-risk tasks that cause a large proportion of fatalities and injuries in the electrical trades; explore factors that increase task difficulties and exposure to hazards; and recommend interventions at the planning phase to reduce those factors.

Manufactured Nanomaterials in Construction: Evaluating Exposures, Controls and Worker Training

In this project, CPWR researchers will identify new nano-enabled construction products and study exposures and controls to better understand risks to workers, as well as taking other steps such as implementing a new train-the-trainer program.

Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System (SC-SMIS)

This project will create the Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System, a public, interactive, web-based system that contractors can use to assess their safety climate, select and implement appropriate tools to strengthen it, and engage in continuous safety climate improvement.

Construction Industry Data and Statistical Core

Through this research project, the CPWR Data Center will continue to provide reliable, updated data and research findings while offering new resources to serve the industry even more effectively.

Research to Practice (r2p) Core

This project will continue the work of the r2p core to build on our foundational work through increased emphasis on identifying the factors that influence the final stage of translation research ‒ implementation of evidence-based solutions. 

Health Hazard Controls Industry Diffusion: Evidence-based intervention strategy (PTD Diffusion)

This project will develop strategies to improve diffusion of Prevention through Design (PtD), which aims to prevent injuries, illnesses, and deaths by “designing out” hazards.