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Below are a number of resources you can use to support and supplement the FSL.

Click HERE to access primary teaching materials, or or click HERE to learn more about the FSL.

Pocket reference card 
Wallet sized card containing the 5 safety leadership skills for students to take home as a reminder.

Hard Hat Sticker 
Students can proudly show that they've taken the FSL training and have the skills to be effective safety leaders. 

FSL Handbook NEW!
This can be used by companies or other entities that want to introduce their foremen and lead workers to the 5 FSL leadership skills and let them go through the self-assessment and personal action to help them think through how they will incorporate the skills into their daily activities.

Toolbox Talks NEW!
1-page toolbox talks for each leadership skill. These can be used on the jobsite at morning huddles or as part of new employee orientation.

Create your own scenario worksheet 
Trainers or others can use this to engage students in working through and creating a real-world scenario based on their own trade and/or experiences.

Additional Scenarios – Responding to trainer requests, we created 3 new scenarios (along with instructor teaching information) showing some other trades. You can use one or more of these in your FSL training.