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Hispanic construction workers are at higher risk of fatal injury than their non-Hispanic co-workers. Several ongoing research initiatives focus on improving our understanding of this disparity. These include the development and evaluation of injury prevention and training interventions that address the needs of this high risk group. CPWR has the largest on-line collection of Spanish language construction safety materials on eLCOSH – (click on español) – more than 130 documents and a site map in Spanish.



Spanish-Speaking Construction Workers Discuss Their Safety Needs and Experiences.

Protección personal y ayuda a los demás: consideraciones de seguridad para participantes en operaciones de auxilio del Huracán Katrina

(NIEHS powerpoint for responders to Hurricane Katrina.

  • For English version, click to download either for PowerPoint  (7.8 MB) or  PDF  (2.3 MB) 

Consideraciones de seguridad para participantes en operaciones de auxilio tras el paso de un huracán: Protección personal y ayuda a los demás

(NIEHS booklet for responders to Hurricane Katrina.


  • Spanish Construction Safety Train-the-Trainer in Chicago, 2005 
    2005 NIEHS Instructor Enhancement on Mexican Construction Practices
    Spanish Smart Mark OSHA 10-Hour Safety Training

Research Projects

Evaluation of OSHA 10-hour Training among Hispanic Day Laborers in NJ

Evaluation of Immigrant and Hispanic Fatal Injury Rates in Construction

Evaluation of Hispanic Construction Worker Health Insurance Coverage

External Conferences and Proceedings with CPWR Participation/Planning

Also see the NIOSH en Español web site