Current Research

Improving Safety Leadership and Fall Prevention Training in Residential Work

Bradley Evanoff

Washington University in St. Louis

Ann Marie Dale

Washington University in St. Louis

Research Team

Laurel Kincl (Oregon State University), Jennifer Hess (University of Oregon), Doug Weeks (St. Lukes Rehabilitation Institute)


Falls from height cause nearly two-thirds of worker deaths in residential construction.  While effective fall prevention measures exist, too often they are not implemented by smaller employers, who lack resources and a strong safety culture.  Reducing deaths and also injuries on residential sites depends on foremen, who lead safety and production. This project will adapt CPWR’s successful Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) training program, which teaches foremen six critical leadership skills for creating a stronger jobsite safety climate, to create the FSL4Reswhich will be tailored to the unique hazards and organizational challenges of residential construction. The project will also disseminate and evaluate adoption of the FSL4Res, aiming to improve safety leadership and reduce falls in this high-risk sector.