Current Research

Prevention through Augmented Pre-Task Planning

Babak Memarian

[email protected]

Research Team

Sara Brooks, Chris Le


Better pre-task planning has the potential to bring major improvements to worker safety and health. This project will focus on electrical construction, collaborating with general contractors, electrical contractor associations and unions to identify high-risk tasks; explore factors that increase task difficulties and exposure to hazards; and recommend interventions at the planning phase to reduce those factors. Outputs will include a new task profile database and enhanced job hazard analysis documents. A new tool will also be developed so other trades can assess workers’ perception of task difficulty, address contributing factors, and establish a process for continuous improvement.

Selected Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Articles

High Risk Electrical Tasks and Contributing Work Factors. Professional Safety Journal, August 2022

Obstacles and Solutions to Implementing Job Hazard Analysis in Construction: A Case Study, International Journal of Construction Education and Research, January 2022