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Construction Chart Book

Construction Chart Book (Completed 2004-2009)

Xiuwen (Sue) Dong, MS, DrPH

Ph: 301-578-8500 x8528

Original Project Abstract:

It is critical to monitor national trends in construction safety and health and to provide the basis for targeting and evaluation in order to prevent the occurrence of the most serious workplace injuries and illnesses. Also, because of the complex nature of the construction industry, defining its key characteristics enables researchers to measure the effects of the changing industrial structure and build upon their initial research on construction safety and health. Furthermore, intervention and translation strategies to prevent and minimize workplace hazards need to take into account socially-predicted differential patterns of employment and job placement that adversely affect workplace safety and health.

This project will directly address the safety and health of more than 10 million construction workers. There are two specific aims for the proposed project: (1) to analyze impacts of changes in industry and demographics on construction safety and health through continuous surveillance, focusing on small employers, Hispanic workers, the aging workforce, and costs of injuries and illnesses; and (2) to translate our findings through our large consortium nationwide and internationally, including academic researchers in a variety of disciplines, affiliates of the Building and Construction Trades Department, government agencies (NIOSH, BLS, IRS, and Census Bureau), construction contractor associations, and the International Construction Roundtable. We will publish the fourth edition of the Construction Chart Book, a unique reference book on construction safety and health in the nation. We will utilize various large, nationally representative surveys on safety and health, demographics, industry, economics, medical expenditures, and workers’ compensation data for our analyses.

The CPWR Data Center has performed surveillance of construction safety and health for more than ten years. This experience and expertise in analyzing large-scale datasets will permit us to complete the proposed study.


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