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r2p and p2r at Work

Research findings ready to put into practice (r2p) and emerging issues (p2r) are identified and prioritized with input from the OSHA-NIOSH-CPWR r2p Working Group and stakeholder partnerships. Learn about the hazards, the solutions, and dissemination strategies resulting from this part of CPWR's r2p initiative: 

  • Technology Transfer -- Learn more about the recommendations and resources resulting from the CPWR symposium “Best Practices for Health and Safety Technology Transfer in Construction.
  • Safety Culture/Climate – Contractors, safety and health professionals, and other practitioners can use CPWR’s research and resulting tools to help guide their jobsite safety climate improvement efforts.  
  • Reaching Vulnerable Workers – Roundtable discussions on the often intertwined topics of reaching small construction companies, Latino workers, and young workers have led to a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities, and prompted new research.  
  • Career Technical Education –  Learn about CPWR’s work to identify the pathways to reach those workers receiving safety and health training through career technical education (CTE) programs
  • Preventing Hearing Loss is an issue throughout the construction industry. Learn about new dissemination products, including NIOSH's BuyQuiet Program.