Materials Handling Contractor Planning Tool

Materials Handling Contractor Planning Tool — Pre-Job

Congratulatons! You won the bid!

Now it is time to revisit how materials will be delivered, stored, and used on the jobsite to avoid downtime, damaged materials, and injuries from manual materials handling.

“We’ve made a capital investment in racks or in those carts or products that move materials to the job in large, gross fashion, to where they’re offloading off a forklift avoiding strain and then moved into the jobsite on wheels and consumed almost immediately…[That way] you’ve minimized that field risk and all of that handling…” (CPWR Contractor Interview, December 2016)

Key Steps, Questions to Consider & Helpful Resources

At the start of the job:
►  Review how materials will be delivered, stored, lifted, moved and used on the job with:
►  The project owner and/or general contractor
►  Material and equipment suppliers
►  Your employees

Questions to consider:

1. Are there any changes to the materials to be used, or how they will be stored, lifted or moved?           

2. Which of your employees will be responsible for coordinating when and where materials will be delivered and stored?

3. Do your supervisory personnel (foreman, etc.) need training on use of lifting equipment or safe work practices?

4. Who will be responsible for ensuring workers are trained on the use of equipment and work practices to minimize manual materials handling? What training will be needed? What materials will be needed for the training? When and where will it take place?

5. Need help keeping track of the materials handling activities and assignments? Download a copy of the Manual Materials Handling WorkbookThis Excel workbook contains worksheets to help you plan for and keep track of manual materials handling for each stage of your project. The 2nd worksheet “Pre-Job,” will help you refine your materials handling plan for the project. If you already downloaded the Workbook and used it to help you plan your Bid, you do not need to download a new copy of the Workbook. Simply retrieve your saved copy and click on the Pre-Job worksheet. Key information from your Stage 1-Bid worksheet will automatically appear in the Stage 2- Pre-Job worksheet. Remember, you can use one or all of the worksheets.