September 2017
From the Desk of Chris Trahan Cain, Executive Director

Silica Rule Enforcement Begins Sept. 23!
These Resources Can Help You Comply 
OSHA enforcement of the new silica standard begins Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017. Are you prepared?  
CPWR's Work Safely with Silica website is a one-stop source for information on silica hazards in construction and free resources to help you comply with the new standard -- including an easy-to-use planning tool, Create-a-Plan. This planning tool guides users through creating the silica exposure control plan required by the standard, and offers options for saving, editing, and sharing plans. 

The website also provides quick access to OSHA compliance information and a variety of training resources, including CPWR's Silica Hazard Alert card in English (right) and Spanish. These pocket-sized brochures contain a brief summary of the hazard and ways to prevent exposures, and are good handouts for jobsites and training programs. You can request hard copies by email, or download and print them as 8 x 11 handouts.  
Do you need a toolbox talk that covers the basics? CPWR's Silica toolbox talk uses a brief case example to explain the hazard, offers tips to work safely, and includes discussion questions. The image displayed on the reverse side can be posted on the jobsite as a reminder of the key messages. The toolbox talk can be downloaded in English and Spanish.   
New materials are added regularly to the site to help workers and contractors work safely with silica and comply with the standard. We encourage you to take advantage of this site. Working together, we can protect America's construction workers from this all-too-common hazard.

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