From the Desk of Chris Trahan Cain, Executive Director
July 2021
New Data Bulletin Updates COVID-19's Impact on Construction
The June 2021 Data Bulletin provides another update on how the pandemic is affecting construction employment and businesses, as well as information on workers’ attitudes about vaccination. This new issue shows that between March 2020 and April 2021, the number of jobs in the industry declined significantly but then rebounded and surpassed pre-pandemic levels. This trend was particularly strong among Hispanic construction workers. The Data Bulletin also shows that the COVID-19 vaccination rate was lower among workers in construction and extraction occupations than in any other major occupation category, and 42% of construction workers remained hesitant to get vaccinated. In addition, a new, interactive dashboard enables users to explore the data about vaccinations and vaccine hesitancy among workers in construction and extraction occupations.
Safe + Sound Week Takes Place August 9-15
CPWR is proud to be an organizing partner in OSHA's Safe + Sound Campaign -- a year-round, nationwide effort to raise awareness of the value of workplace safety and health programs. Every workplace should have a program that includes management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards. Each August, Safe + Sound Week recognizes the successes of workplace safety and health programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep America's workers safe.  This year's Safe + Sound Week will take place August 9-15. Check out CPWR’s Safe + Sound page for construction-specific resources and the Safe + Sound website for more information and ways to participate virtually or at a safe distance in person.
Injury inequalities among U.S. construction workers
Samantha Brown, Raina D. Brooks, and Xiuwen Sue Dong. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 2021. Read the Key Finding.

Share Your Exposure Measurements
If you have exposure measurements for silica, welding fumes, lead, or noise, CPWR needs your help!

The Exposure Control Database (ECD), a free online tool that estimates your workers’ exposure to common health hazards, is expanding. If you have data that you are willing to share, please submit it to CPWR to make the ECD more accurate and reliable. If you have any questions, contact Sara Brooks ([email protected], 301-495-8532) with any questions. The following sampling forms are available to submit measurements:

Small Study Grant Funding Available
Our Small Study Program, which supports promising new research initiatives on improving construction safety and health, has a particular interest in studies that plan to work with and/or target small employers. We define small employers as those with 19 employees or fewer. We are giving priority to funding studies aimed at:
  • Reaching high-risk populations: small employers, vulnerable workers, residential and light commercial construction firms
  • Developing applicable, practical interventions
  • Engaging stakeholders, through partnerships and other means, to better understand the barriers to and motivators for adoption of best practices
  • Addressing emerging issues and exploring new technologies
  • Evaluating promising research translation products and dissemination strategies
  • Disseminating good practices to small employers
We are also interested in innovative approaches to reducing the spread of COVID-19 through ventilation, distancing, and respirators. A study may be proposed at any time and can receive funding of up to $30,000. For more information, including how to apply, visit the Small Study Program on CPWR’s website.
Tomorrow, July 8 at 1:00 p.m. ET -- CPWR-NIOSH-OSHA COVID-19 Webinar: Update on OSHA Guidance for Workers Not Covered by the COVID-19 ETS
On June 10, OSHA updated its guidance to help employers and workers not covered by the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) identify COVID-19 exposure risks and take appropriate steps to prevent exposure and infection. In this webinar, OSHA Health Scientist Christina Dragon from OSHA’s Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management will present and take questions on the current recommendations and mandatory safety and health standards described throughout the guidance as a follow-up to the previous webinar, OSHA Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID 19 in the Workplace. Moderating the Q+A will be G. Scott Earnest, associate director for construction in NIOSH’s Office of Construction Safety and Health.

Thursday, July 29 at 2:00 p.m. ET -- Fall Prevention in Roofing: A Discussion with the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers
In 2019, falls to a lower level caused 401 fatalities in the construction industry – 25% higher than 2018. Of those 401 fatal injuries, roofs were the primary source of 146 – a 28% increase from 2018. The ongoing Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction aims to eliminate fatal falls from roofs, ladders, and other sources by encouraging employers to plan ahead, provide appropriate equipment, and train workers for fall safety. As part of the campaign, CPWR is hosting an hour-long Q&A discussion with two representatives from the United Union of Roofers & Waterproofers -- Richard Tessier, director of safety and curriculum development and James Currie, master trainer and subject-matter expert -- about how workers of all trades can stay safe while accessing and working on roofs. We encourage you to submit your questions about fall prevention, protection, and rescue in advance when registering.

CPWR’s webinar platform limits registration to 1,000 people. If you do not think you'll be able to attend live, please watch the recording of the webinar – all our webinars are available on-demand within a few days of their presentation.
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Career Opportunities
CPWR has an opening for a Training Specialist -- visit our Career Opportunities page for instructions on applying.
Speaking Engagements
7/21/21, Online – U.S. Department of Energy AU-11 WebEx Series 2021 
2:00 - 3:30: Engineered Nanomaterials in Construction: Assessing Exposure Risks and Controls, and Keeping Workers Informed and “CAIRS Program…Mid-Year Update
  • Gavin West, MPH, Director, Nanomaterials Research, CPWR 
  • Bruce Lippy, Nanomaterials Consultant, CPWR
  • Craig Schumann, CAIRS Program Manager, Office of ES&H Reporting and Analysis 

Join the webinar via WebEx just before the event.

Recorded Presentation
On June 8, two members of CPWR's staff -- Gavin West, director of nanomaterial research, and Bruce Lippy, who also works on nanomaterials research -- presented on the National Nanotechnology Initiative's webinar, "What We Know about NanoEHS: Human Health Webinar." The recording of the webinar is now available on demand.