From the Desk of Chris Trahan Cain, Executive Director
May 2022
New Data Bulletin Looks and Construction Fatalities and Injuries
Construction remains one of America’s most dangerous industries, with a yearly average of nearly 1,000 on-the-job deaths a year and 78,000 nonfatal injuries that result from time away from work. The May 2022 issue of the CPWR Data Bulletin examines both fatal and nonfatal injuries from 2011 to 2020, including by subsector, occupation, demographic group, primary source, and event/exposure. The Data Bulletin finds that over the past decade, fatality rates increased for workers who were under 55, Hispanic, and/or male. Among occupations examined, roofers were the most likely to die on the job, while helpers were the most likely to be injured.
Three More Data Dashboards Examine Construction Worker Injuries
Accompanying the Data Bulletin are three new CPWR Data Dashboards, each on a related topic: fatal and nonfatal injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and falls, slips and trips. Three previously published injury dashboards have also been updated with recent data: fatality map, Focus Four, and severe injuries. Each dashboard makes it possible for users to download the data behind it. 
New Resources on Falls, Struck-By Incidents
In support of this week’s Stand-Down to Prevent Construction Falls and April’s Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-by Incidents, as well as to advance year-round efforts to address these two hazards, CPWR has developed new resources. If you missed the NORA Construction Sector Council Struck-by Work Group’s virtual Stand-Down events in April, you can now watch the recordings on-demand. We also have several new resources, including infographics and Toolbox Talks on dropped objects. For this week’s Falls Stand-Down, check out the pre-recorded OSHA-NIOSH-CPWR Kick-Off event and get ideas for Stand-Down activities. Looking for additional Stand-Down resources? Get social media messaging, videos and webinars, toolbox talks -- including new ones on Fixed Ladders and Walking/Working Surfaces, infographics, and more at the One-Stop Stand-Down Shop.
NIESH Webinar: Initiatives to Prevent Opioid Misuse and Promote Recovery Friendly Workplace Programs
Last month National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) hosted a webinar highlighting its new publication, Initiatives to Prevent Opioid Misuse and Promote Recovery Friendly Workplace Programs Opioid Initiatives, and describing what organizations are doing to prevent substance use disorder and implement recovery-friendly workplace programs. On the webinar, Christopher Rodman, CPWR’s Opioids Project Coordinator, described our response to the opioids and mental health epidemic. 
Small Study Grant Funding Available
Our Small Study Program, which supports promising new research initiatives on improving construction safety and health, has a particular interest in studies that plan to work with and/or target small employers. We define small employers as those with 19 employees or fewer. We are giving priority to funding studies aimed at:
  • Reaching high-risk populations: small employers, vulnerable workers, residential and light commercial construction firms
  • Developing applicable, practical interventions
  • Engaging stakeholders, through partnerships and other means, to better understand the barriers to and motivators for adoption of best practices
  • Addressing emerging issues and exploring new technologies
  • Evaluating promising research translation products and dissemination strategies
  • Disseminating good practices to small employers
For more information, including how to apply, visit the Small Study Program on CPWR’s website.
Research Request: Take Part in a Study on Minimizing Painters’ Chemical Exposure
Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell are looking for construction painters to participate in a study about minimizing exposure to hazardous Part B ingredients of reactive chemical systems used in metal structure coatings. The researchers will be visiting workplaces to conduct field surveys, monitor airborne exposures and skin exposures, and collect biological samples to measure the effects of exposure and evaluate the efficacy of personal protective equipment and engineering controls. Participants will receive a $50 gift card for donating urine before and after the shift and an additional $50 for a blood sample. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] to learn more. 

Share Your Exposure Measurements
If you have exposure measurements for silica, welding fumes, lead, or noise, CPWR needs your help!

The Exposure Control Database (ECD), a free online tool that estimates your workers’ exposure to common health hazards, is expanding. If you have data that you are willing to share, please submit it to CPWR to make the ECD more accurate and reliable. If you have any questions, contact Sara Brooks ([email protected], 301-495-8532) with any questions. The following sampling forms are available to submit measurements:
Miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2:00 p.m. a 3:00 p.m. ET
UAGM-OSHA-NIOSH-CPWR Evento de la Campaña Nacional de Prevención de Caídas
“La Protección Contra Caídas: sistemas activos”
Las caídas son la principal causa de muerte relacionada con el trabajo en la industria de la construcción, pero no tiene por qué ser así. Muchas de las personas afectadas son trabajadores hispanos. Todas las muertes se pueden prevenir al seguir las medidas requeridas y el uso de equipos de forma correcta.
Inscríbase en el seminario web para aprender cómo organizar o para asistir a eventos enfocados en la prevención y obtener capacitación en el uso adecuado de los sistemas personales de protección contra caídas.
La capacitación incluirá información sobre:
  • Restricción de movimiento
  • Arresto de caídas
  • Equipos para protección
  • Selección de arnés, anclaje y el amarre
  • Medidas que se debe tomar si un trabajador queda suspendido con el sistema personal de protección contra caídas activado
Bienvenida: Rafael A. Caballero, Director, Centro de Adiestramientos OSHA del Atlántico (AOTC, Puerto Rico), Instituto de Educación Ambiental, Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Puerto Rico
  • Jose H. Herrera, Especialista en la Seguridad y Salud Laboral, Dirección de Construcción de OSHA
  • José Orlando Fernández Avilés, Gerente de Seguridad, Lord Construction Group, Inc. / Instructor, Centro de Adiestramientos OSHA del Atlántico (AOTC, Puerto Rico), Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Puerto Rico

CPWR’s webinar platform limits registration to 1,000 people. If you do not think you'll be able to attend live, please watch the recording of the webinar – all our webinars are available on-demand within a few days of their presentation.
CPWR in the News
Career Opportunities
CPWR has an opening for a Program Assistant. Visit our Career Opportunities page to learn more and for instructions on applying.
Speaking Engagements

May 10, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET: Research in the Construction Industry Part 1
  • Babak Memarian, Director, Exposure Control Research, CPWR – “Job Hazard Analysis in Construction: Challenges and Solutions”
  • Carisa Harris-Adamson, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco – “Assessing the Potential for Exoskeletons in Construction”
  • Mark Fullen, Professor and Director, Safety and Health Extension, West Virginia University – “Construction Trainer and Trainee Perspectives on the Quality and Effectiveness of the OSHA 10 Construction Course”

May 11, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET: Understanding and Visualizing Recent Construction Safety and Health Trends
  • William Harris, Research Assistant, Data Center, CPWR – “Visualizing and Disseminating Data on Fatal and Severe Injuries in the U.S. Construction Industry”
  • Samantha Brown, Research Associate, Data Center, CPWR – “Mental Health among Construction Workers in the United States”

May 11, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET: Research in the Construction Industry Part 2
  • Bradley Evanoff, Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis – “Improving Residential Construction Safety through Safety Leadership and Fall Prevention Training”
  • Rick Rinehart, Deputy Director, CPWR – “Highlights from the CPWR Small Study Program and Future Priorities and Opportunities”

  • 1:00 p.m. – Babak Memarian, Director, Exposure Control Research, CPWR – “Task Demand and Effects on Safety and Health: A New Perspective on Pre-task Planning”

May 26-27, virtual -- PtD Journey from What to How
  • 10:00 a.m. -- Carisa Harris-Adamson, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco – "Exoskeletons in the Construction Industry"
Registration is open for the XXXIst International Symposium of the ISSA Construction Section, taking place June 8-10 in Berlin. The program will cover topics such as Presentations will cover aspects like training and awareness building, accident prevention, occupational health, digitalization and innovation. Learn more about the conference, including how to register, on the ISSA-C website.