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Issue 56, June 2016 

New CPWR Report Describes Growing Ranks of Latino Workers, Contractors 

Hispanic-owned Share of U.S. Construction Firms
Source: US Census Bureau

As construction bounces back from the downturn, Latinos are occupying a larger role on the jobsite. CPWR's latest Quarterly Data Report, Hispanic Employment and Business Owners in the US Construction Industry, lays out the facts.

Construction employment grew by 1 million from 2012 to 2015 -- and almost 70% of the new jobs were filled by Hispanic workers. That meant Hispanics accounted for 29% of the American construction labor force, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics -- more than 2.8 million workers.

But it wasn't just workers. The percentage of Hispanic-owned construction businesses has been steeply climbing as well. In 1992 only 5% of construction businesses were Hispanic-owned; by 2012 more than 16% were. In that year, there were nearly a half-million Hispanic-owned construction firms.

These firms were newer, smaller and less likely to carry steady employees than the average contracting firm. A quarter of these firms were less than one year old in 2012, compared with 12% among non-Hispanic owned firms. And while accounting for 16% of firms, Hispanic-owned firms earned less than 4% of the revenue.

It adds up to a picture of a growing Latino presence in work crews and contracting ranks alike, and we need to prepare for their occupational safety and health needs. CPWR can help:

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Pete Stafford
Executive Director

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An analysis of permanent work disability among construction sheet metal workers. Gavin H. West, Jaime Dawson, Claire Teitelbaum, Rebecca Novello, Katherine Hunting, and Laura S. Welch. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, March 2016.

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