October 2020
From the Desk of Chris Trahan Cain, Executive Director

Exposure Control Planning Tool
CPWR has developed multiple resources for the construction industry to help protect workers from COVID-19, prevent its spread, and keep job sites open. In addition to developing the COVID-19 Standards for U.S. Construction Sites in conjunction with NABTU this spring, we've created a Toolbox Talk and the COVID-19 Construction Clearinghouse, and last month we launched a free online COVID-19 Exposure Control Planning Tool. This Planning Tool was developed in response to a need brought to our attention by the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, a member of our Masonry r2p Partnership.
This new tool also responds to recommendations from OSHA and NIOSH that employers have a plan to assess the risk and take action. The new Planning Tool allows a user to create their plan in four steps:
  1. Assess the risk for exposure to COVID-19 and the control measures that will be used to prevent exposure, such as using social distancing, as shown in the photo below from last month's Falls Stand Down.
  2. Establish a protocol for screening workers and visitors and handling those who become sick or may have been exposed on the job.
  3. Identify the COVID-19-related training that will be provided, including who will be trained, how the training will be provided, and who will conduct the training.
  4. Complete the final elements of the plan, including information about the job and who will be responsible for implementing the plan.
The Planning Tool is aligned with the COVID-19 Construction Clearinghouse to make it easier for users to find ways to implement controls, conduct screenings, and provide training. The new planning tool is still evolving; if you have questions or ideas to improve it, please email [email protected].
2020 Stand-Down Participants Adapt to
Stay Safe while Focused on Falls
Boart Longyear Drilling Services mechanics attend a Stand-Down meeting at the Salt Lake City Operations Facility (credit: Alex D. Beseris) 
This year's National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction definitely looked a little different than past years', with fewer large, in-person events. But that didn't stop the dedicated contractors, insurance reps, safety and health pros, and other stakeholders in our industry from holding events to highlight the need to address one of the leading causes of fatalities in construction. Companies across the country attended virtual events from OSHA, NIOSH, CPWR, and others, and some even held their own web-based meetings or training sessions. Others met in person to conduct toolbox talks, fall protection demonstrations, and more -- all wearing masks and standing apart while discussing fall safety, like the workers in this photo.
However you participated, don't forget to get a certificate from OSHA to let the organizers know! And if you missed our virtual events, check out this list of recorded webinars from the Stand-Down week and before. Even though the 2020 Stand-Down is over, you can make fall prevention and protection a priority year-round. Stopconstructionfalls.com has an extensive list of tools and resources to help you do so, including a new section for small contractors, a podcast, and a data bulletin from CPWR's Data Center on New Trends of Fatal Falls in the Construction Industry.
Opioid Awareness Training Program Updated
CPWR has just released a revised version of our Opioid Awareness Training Program. Developed with input from and intended for use by experienced instructors, this program is designed both to increase knowledge about harms and prevention and to motivate trainees to take action by getting and sharing more information, identifying risk factors and preventing harm, and supporting co-workers who are struggling. Construction has been hit particularly hard by opioids -- state-level studies have found that construction workers are six to seven times more likely to die of an overdose than workers in other professions -- and the training program is part of our growing collection of materials to help our industry respond. Also, watch for a second training module later this year.   
COVID-19 Clearinghouse Continues as a Vital Resource
The CPWR COVID-19 Construction Clearinghouse remains the industry's central resource for information to help contractors and workers respond to the pandemic. This free online collection addresses crucial topics such as Guidance on Workplace Practices, Personal Protective Equipment, State and Local Requirements, Training Resources, and more. To suggest additions to the Clearinghouse, particularly innovative practices and equipment being used on job sites, email [email protected] and we will follow up to learn more. 

Topics in Construction Safety and Health -- Nanomaterials in Construction: An Interdisciplinary Annotated Bibliography
Topics in Construction Safety and Health is a series of bibliographies of academic research on major topics in construction occupational safety and health. The latest addition to the series examines nanomaterials in construction, including construction applications; managing risk; toxicity and exposure; and training, hazard communication, and awareness.
Associations between a safety prequalification survey and worker safety experiences on commercial construction sites
Jack T. Dennerlein, Daniel Weinstein, Whitney Huynh, Jamie Tessler, Lauren Bigger, Lauren Murphy and Justin Majourides. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 2020. Read the Key Finding.
Small Study Program Offers Funding Opportunities
Our Small Study Program provides researchers funding of up to $30,000 to investigate promising new research initiatives in areas like research to practice, emerging issues, safety culture, and reaching high-risk sectors. Many CPWR Small Studies grant recipients have gone on to publish findings and expand their research with larger projects.  Learn how to apply and see the results from previous Small Study-funded research.
Tomorrow, October 8, 2:00 p.m. ET -- CPWR-NIOSH COVID-19 Webinar Series: Impact of COVID-19 on the Industry and New Research Initiatives
To ensure that CPWR and NIOSH are positioned to respond to the construction industry's COVID-19 questions and research needs, CPWR has been tracking COVID-19's impact on construction workers and businesses, including its impact on at risk populations, and NIOSH has established a coordinated research program to address new research needs. Join presenters Samantha Brown from CPWR and Appavoo (Samy) Rengasamy from NIOSH to hear the latest findings from CPWR's Data Center and to learn about a new NIOSH research project just getting started to evaluate the ability of non-NIOSH approved respirators such as KN95s to fit a cross section of the US workforce and provide respiratory protection against infectious aerosols.
Please be aware that the webinar platform only supports 1,000 people attending live; however, everyone who registers for an event will automatically receive the recording. 
Miss our last webinar? See the complete list of past webinars and listen to the recordings.
CPWR in the News
Deadly Elevator Accident, Good Morning America, September 16, 2020
Managing Well-Being in High-Stress Environment, Psychology Today, September 21, 2020
Train Your Crew to Prevent Strains & Sprains, Asphalt Pro, September 21, 2020
Career Opportunities
CPWR has job openings -- visit our Career Opportunities page for current postings and instructions on applying.
CPWR Presentations

10/7/20, Online -- National Safety Council Labor Division Conference
Presentation: "Practical tools for improving jobsite safety climate & safety leadership"
  • Linda Goldenhar, Director, Evaluation and Research

Poster Session: "Opioids in the Workplace"
  • Xiuwen Sue Dong, Director, Data Center -- "Factors associated with opioid use among construction workers in the United States"
  • Christopher Rodman, Opioid Projects Coordinator -- "Evaluation of an opioids awareness training program for construction workers: Findings from trainer interviews, attendee surveys and focus groups"
Panel: "Best Built Plans to Reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) Combined with Research on Trunk & Arm Exoskeletons"  
  • Eileen Betit, Director, Research to Practice (r2p), CPWR; Carisa Harris, Associate Professor/Deputy Director COEH, University of California, San Francisco/Berkeley; and Maury A. Nussbaum, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
Webinar: "OSHA-ASSP Silica Compliance Directive and Emphasis"  
  • Eileen Betit, Director, Research to Practice (r2p) -- "CPWR Resources to Protect Workers from Silica Exposure"

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