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Issue 49, Nov 2015

 Confined Spaces in Construction:
Complying with the New Standard 
Work in confined spaces is dangerous. Workers can all too easily be sickened by toxic fumes, scorched by flammable vapors set alight by a stray spark, or simply overcome by a lack of oxygen.  
That's why OSHA has issued a new confined space standard for the construction industry, providing construction workers the same protections long afforded to workers in general industry. And now OSHA has published a helpful compliance guide for construction contractors: Protecting Construction Workers in Confined Spaces.   
CPWR also has offerings to help you address confined space hazards with your team. Visit our electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health ( eLCOSH) for "No Escape," a gripping video on confined space hazards. Download a copy of our confined spaces toolbox talk. And if you're giving that toolbox talk, give everyone a copy of our Confined Space Hazard Alert -- you can access a one-page version online or contact news@cpwr.com to request copies of the pocket-sized brochures.


New CPWR Quarterly Data Report: 

The CPWR Data Center has published its latest Quarterly Data Report ( revised 10/25/2015): a close examination of a decade's federal data on construction injuries and fatalities. While the decade overall has witnessed significant improvements in construction safety, fatalities have ticked up with employment during the economic recovery, with the number of fatalities increasing by 16% from 2011 to 2014.  CLICK HERE to read the report, or HERE to register for a webinar presenting the key findings ( details below).  

Pete Stafford
Executive Director

Fatal and Nonfatal Injuries among Construction Trades

November 18th @ 2:00pm (ET), 20 min. -- CPWR Data Center Research Analyst Julie Largay will present information from CPWR's recent Quarterly Data Report, which tracks fatal and nonfatal injuries among construction trades through the economic boom, recession, and recovery in the last decade. CLICK TO REGISTER 


Recently Published Journal Articles by CPWR Scholars 

Special Issue: Moving Research to Practice in the Construction Industry. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, August 2015. Issue includes: 

Preventing falls in residential construction: Effectiveness of engaging partners for a national social marketing campaign. Everly Macario, Sandra Wills Hannon, Robin Baker, Christine M. Branche and Christina Trahan.

Moving research to practice through partnership: A case study in Asphalt Paving. Charlotte Chang, Laura Nixon and Robin Baker.

Promoting adoption of fall prevention measures among Latino workers and residential contractors: Formative research findings. Suzanne Teran, Hillary Blecker, Kelsie Scruggs, Javier García Hernández and Barbara Rahke.

Creating a climate for ergonomic changes in the construction industry.  Laura Boatman, Debra Chaplan, Suzanne Teran and Laura S. Welch.

Best practices for health and safety technology transfer in construction. Laura Welch, Dustin Russell, Deborah Weinstock, and Eileen Betit.  

Triage for action: Systematic assessment and dissemination of construction health and safety research. Robin Baker, Charlotte Chang, Jessica Bunting and Eileen Betit.  





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