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Issue 40, February 2015

Have you built a better mousetrap?
Mike McIlveen/Creative Commons  
Have you ever come up with an idea to make a construction tool or operation safer, only to see someone else run with the idea and get it into practice and on jobsites?

Many UPDATE readers -- researchers, safety officers, construction superintendents or skilled workers -- have invented a tool or process, or have an idea for one, that improves occupational safety or health. If you are one of them and are wondering how to put your research or idea into practice on the jobsite, CPWR offers a starting point in its
Intellectual Property, Patent & Licensing Guide for Construction Safety and Health Researchers and Inventors. 


Although primarily targeted at academic researchers, anyone who has developed a better or safer tool or approach can make use of the information and helpful tips. The Guide's straightforward, jargon-free language and clear examples identify the key steps to consider and provide answers to questions such as: How do I decide whether or not to get a patent? How can I protect my idea or invention? And, what are the alternatives to patenting and licensing my invention?


While the Guide does not replace legal counsel, it does provide an overview that can help you get started.


Before the world beats a path to your door, you may want to take advantage of this free resource to protect your invention and your options.  



Pete Stafford

Executive Director    


Recently Published Journal Articles by CPWR Scholars


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Risks of a lifetime in construction, part I: Traumatic injuries

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Comparison of musculoskeletal disorder health claims between construction floor layers and a general working population. Ann Marie Dale, Daniel Ryan, Laura Welch, Margaret Olsen, Bryan Buchholz, and Bradley Evanoff. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, September 2014.





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