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Issue 30, April 2014 

The Right Tool for the Job:
Choose Hand Safety

In the building trades, our hands are our livelihood. A cut or burn -- not to mention tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome -- can mean lost time and lost wages.


Now there's a new resource available from CPWR -- The Center for Construction Research and Training that can help contractors and trades workers alike take steps to prevent hand injuries and disorders. It's Choose Hand Safety.org (www.choosehandsafety.org).


The website was developed under the guidance of the Masonry Research to Practice [r2p] Partnership, and includes specific information tailored for the trowel trades. But there's also information that anyone can use -- such as information on how to select hand tools and gloves, and training materials on how to identify hazards and protect your hands. (Hint: there's no magic "ergonomic" tool. Your hand size is the key to find hand tools that are best for you.) Stop by  Choose Hand Safety.org and have a look for yourself!



Stop Construction Falls

Mark Your Calendar for a Safety Stand-Down

June 2 - 6, 2014



Falls Campaign Logo Recently I was pleased to read that New York City had reported a sharp decline in construction fatalities. In 2012, eight workers died on New York's construction sites; in 2013, that number was down to three.


Unfortunately, it appears that all three were preventable deaths - "due to lack of fall protection at the job site," according to the New York City Buildings Department.


Falls remain the number one killer of construction workers on the job, claiming the life of a construction worker almost every working day. That's why OSHA, NIOSH, and CPWR are asking you to join the nationwide Safety Stand-Down. Contractors and workers across the United States will stop work briefly the first week of June to talk about this urgent problem - and review how we can prevent more of our coworkers from an unnecessary injury or death.  


I'll have additional information as June approaches. In the meantime, you can visit www.stopconstructionfalls.com to learn more about our campaign to Stop Construction Falls, and how your organization can participate.



Pete Stafford

Executive Director    


Recently Published Journal Articles by CPWR Scholars


American Journal of Industrial Medicine, March 2014.


The Differential Effects of Transformational Leadership Facets on Employee Safety. Hoffmeister K, Gibbons A, Johnson S, Cigularov K, Chen P, Rosecrance J. Safety Science, Feb 2014


Doing it old school: Peer-led safety and health training in the U.S. construction industry. Sinyai C, Stafford P, and Trahan C. McGill Journal of Education, Dec 2013






Find the latest on regulatory efforts and and Create-A-Plan to control exposures at Work Safely with Silica -- a one-stop source of information on how to prevent a silica hazard and protect workers. 


eLCOSH  is the premier online source for construction health and safety information, with  research,  training materials, fact sheets and more 



Construction Solutions


Construction Solutions is a safety and health database designed with construction contractors and workers in mind - an inventory of common industry hazards paired with common-sense solutions



Visit CPWR for information on our training programs, research findings, and resources for your health and safety or research initiatives




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