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Best Built Plans

Best Built Plans provides contractors and workers with practical tools and information to plan for safe materials handling while staying productive and profitable. Access the job site planning tool, training resources, and interactive coaching exercises created to reduce manual materials handling and prevent sprain and strain injuries.


Building Trades National Medical Screening Program

BTMed helps identify health problems caused by hazardous substances that workers may have been exposed to while working on a Department of Energy site.


Choose Hand Safety

This site offers information on the risks of and ways to prevent hand injuries, including what to look for when choosing hand tools and gloves.

Construction Safety & Health Network

This network allows members and site users to find and easily share the latest research findings, new tools, solutions and programs with their networks, connect with other industry stakeholders, researchers, and experts on specific hazards through the Network Directory, and to disseminate and promote their own findings, materials, and products with a broader stakeholder audience.

Pages from TruNet Launch White paper March 2015

Construction Solutions

This interactive database contains evidence-based control measures for a variety of safety and health hazards organized by type of construction and task. It allows users to search for practical solutions to mitigate or eliminate construction worker safety and health risks.

Construction Solutions Return on Investment Calculator

Evaluate the financial impact of safer equipment, materials, and work practices using this free online calculator.

Logo for COVID-19 Clearinghouse

COVID-19 Construction Clearinghouse

This Clearinghouse offers a central resource for construction employers and workers to find the latest research, guidance documents, training and other resources to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as construction work continues in some markets and starts up in others.

COVID-19 Planning Tool logo

COVID-19 Exposure Control Planning Tool

This free Planning Tool takes you step-by-step through developing your plan to protect employees from and prevent the spread of COVID-19, including what to consider when conducting a job hazard analysis, selecting appropriate controls, screening workers and visitors, training employees, and implementing the plan.

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Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health

eLCOSH.org was developed to provide accurate, user-friendly information about construction safety and health for workers, employers, researchers and others interested in construction safety and health from a wide range of sources worldwide.

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This site provides an inventory of the use of nano-enabled products — those to which nanomaterials have been added or the nano-structure has been altered — in construction. Its goal is to inform workers about these products as a first step to protecting them from hazards.
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Contact your international union to access this site created by NABTU to distribute the Smart Mark training curriculum.

Exposure Control Database

The Exposure Control Database is an interactive tool that estimates construction worker exposure to silica, lead, welding fumes, and noise. It helps stakeholders proactively protect worker health before the project begins.
Logo for the Nano SDS Improvement Tool

Nano Safety Data Sheet Improvement Tool

This tool is designed to help manufacturers, distributors, and importers of construction products containing nanomaterials evaluate and improve their safety data sheets (SDS).

SC-SMIS logo

Safety Climate--Safety Management Information System (SC-SMIS)

Contractors can use the SC-SMIS free of charge to assess their safety climate, select and implement appropriate tools to strengthen it, and engage in continuous safety climate improvement.

Stop Construction Falls logo

Stop Construction Falls

The Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction began in 2012 to raise awareness: falls from heights are the leading cause of injuries and fatalities in construction. This site offers a wide range of materials about fall prevention, including training materials, infographics, and information about the annual Falls Stand-Down.

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Work Safely with Silica

A one-stop source of information on how to prevent a silica hazard and protect workers, including a free online planning tool to help contractors comply with the plan requirements in the OSHA Silica Standard.