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Research to Practice (r2p)

r2p Library

This library includes tools and online resources developed through the r2p program and other CPWR research projects to help researchers plan for how their research findings will reach target audiences and be used to advance construction safety and health.

It also includes practical tools, information, and resources for use by contractors, trainers, workers, and other stakeholders. Each was developed with input from CPWR’s researchers, target audiences, and end-users.

Resources for Researchers

Tools and information to help researchers plan how their findings will reach target audiences and advance
construction safety and health, and how to evaluate their efforts.

Resources for Researchers and Stakeholders

Resources to help stakeholders and researchers advance a solution for a hazard, improve safety culture and climate, and connect with specific groups who could benefit from findings and interventions.

Other Resources for Stakeholders

Resources targeted to contractors, trainers, workers and other stakeholders, including training programs and materials, resource collections about a specific hazard, and products to raise awareness of hazards and ways to work safely.


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