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R2: Drilling into concrete: Effect of feed force on handle vibration a...

Lucia Botti, Bernard Martin, Alan Barr, Jay Kapellusch, Cristina Mora, David Rempel. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 2020.

Rotary hammer drills may lead to hand-arm vibration syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders. The researchers used a robotic test bench to evaluate the effects of different feed forces on FF on handle vibration and productivity.
Best Practices for Distance Learning Handout

Best Practices for Distance Learning

CPWR has developed resources to make distance learning more effective, including a report, The Use of Distance Learning in Occupational Health and Safety Training, and three handouts for instructors and participants in these courses.

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

In collaboration with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler and NIOSH, CPWR has developed several resources to help the construction industry understand the science and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine.


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