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image of KF2022-Construction-death-public-policy Key Finding

Preventing construction deaths: The role of public policies

Wayne B. Gray, John Mendeloff. Regulation & Governance. July, 2022.

These Key Findings highlight a study that examined two areas of public policy to determine whether stronger direct financial incentives and/ or stronger regulatory enforcement are associated with reduced fatalities in construction.
Cover of report on effectiveness of distance learning

Evaluating Effectiveness and Impact of Occupational Safety and Health ...

July 2022

Sue Ann Sarpy, Alicia Stachowski, Casie Sulzle, Amanda O’Connell, Gary Gustafson, Steve Surtees, and Michael Kassman

This report evaluated factors affecting the success of safety training delivered by distance learning. It found evidence that synchronous, interactive distance learning can be effective and offered recommendations for successful training.