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Key Finding on Benefits of OSHA 10 Training

Safety Benefits of Mandatory OSHA 10 Hour Training

Edward L. Taylor. CPWR Report, June 2014; Safety Science, August 2015.

This Key Finding summarizes a Small Study that found states with OSHA-10 training mandates saw a declining rate of fatalities during 2008-2011; those without such a mandate saw an increasing fatality rate. during the same period.
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Falls remain the leading cause of fatalities in construction. Visit for resources to to prevent fatal falls from roofs, ladders, and scaffolds.
Key Finding on hearing loss among older workers

Hearing impairment and tinnitus among older construction workers emplo...

Knut Ringen, John M. Dement, Patricia Quinn, Marianne Cloeren, Anna Chen, Kim Cranford, Scott Haas. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Few studies have looked at the risk of hearing loss after retirement for construction workers. This research found that more than half of a cohort of 21,000 older workers suffered from hearing impairment and/or tinnitus.

Underlying Causes of Falls from Heights

August 2022

CPWR Report. Grace Barlet, Rosa Greenberg, and Jessica Bunting.

To better understand why serious falls from heights continue to occur with such frequency despite being preventable, CPWR surveyed nearly 500 people who experienced, witnessed, or investigated a workplace fall incident.
grey report cover with title Topics in Construction Safety and Health Mental Health, Opioids and Suicide: An Interdisciplinary Annotated Bibliography

Topics in Construction Safety and Health Mental Health, Opioids and Su...

CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training

CPWR offers a series of annotated, interdisciplinary bibliographies of research on key topics in construction safety and health. This bibliography collects almost 40 studies related to addressing substance abuse and improving mental health.