Research Projects

CPWR research is making construction safer

As the National Construction Center for NIOSH, CPWR conducts industry-driven research on existing and emerging hazards to better understand the risks, analyze and interpret key data, and find practical solutions and approaches to protect workers.  All research projects must meet rigorous standards, include defined metrics to measure progress and success, and have charted a roadmap for how the research will be put into practice (r2p) to protect workers’ health and safety “in the trench or on the steel.”

At the end of 2019 CPWR announced new research projects that build off previous work and head in new directions, all to improve the safety of construction workers across the industry and across the country.

This research is undertaken by CPWR researchers and a consortium of external researchers from leading academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and industry, with specific expertise in the hazards, injuries and illnesses facing construction workers. View the list of CPWR Researchers and Research Consortium members.

View Completed Research Projects undertaken between 2004 and 2019.

To communicate research findings and solutions, CPWR produces technical reports, magazine and journal articles, newsletters, brochures, pocket cards, and videos, maintains a variety of online resources, and regularly meets with industry stakeholders nationwide. Learn more.