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Preventing Head Injuries

Each year, thousands of construction workers suffer head injuries on the job.  Some common causes of head injuries include:

  • Being struck by a falling tool or material or a moving object, such as materials being moved by a crane or another worker.
  • Falling and coming in contact with an object or surface, such as equipment, a wall, or the ground.
  • Coming in contact with overhead hazards, such as equipment or electrical wires – the latter can result in a worker being electrocuted.

In 2018 alone, almost 8,000 construction workers suffered a head injury and 230 construction workers died from their injury. These deaths and injuries take a significant human and financial toll on the injured workers, their families, and their employers.

The following research and resources can help raise awareness of the risks and ways to prevent head injuries.

Information and Resources to Prevent Head Injuries

CPWR Resources
Standards and Requirements
OSHA Resources
NIOSH Articles and Research
Additional Research

** Some of the authors are affiliated with a head protection manufacturer.

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