DOE Hazardous Waste Worker Training Program

The goal of CPWR’s U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hazardous Waste Worker Training Program is to prevent work-related harm by training construction workers on DOE sites how best to protect themselves and their communities from exposure to hazardous materials encountered during hazardous waste operations, facility decommissioning and decontamination, or environmental restoration of contaminated facilities.

Our training is intended to encourage workers to become active participants with employers and other DOE stakeholders to recognize and abate hazards, and to fully participate in the promotion of a safety-conscious work environment. CPWR’s position in the industry provides an unparalleled opportunity to access both the health and safety components of our participating consortium partner organizations and the workers they represent, who will be doing work at the DOE sites.

CPWR has contributed significantly to DOE’s efforts to promote a positive safety culture by developing training programs for frontline supervisors and workers. Courses such as the Foundations for Safety Leadership for DOE (FSL4DOE) and the Safety Orientation for DOE Workers are examples of the training efforts designed to strengthen the safety culture and safety conscious work environment throughout DOE.

The DOE Hazardous Waste Worker Training Program is a long-term effort that will be of benefit to DOE workers for years to come, as the training courses are standardized within the training structure of our consortium unions. While the cleanup efforts continue at the DOE sites, consortium members will continue to look to CPWR for assistance in providing high-quality worker and instructor training.

For additional information, email Gary Gustafson, CPWR’s Director of Environmental Hazard Training.