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Management Resources from Research

CPWR has developed programs and resources to help construction employers create safe job sites.

Best Built Plans Program – Planning – Construction workers are at high risk for developing work-related musculoskeletal disorders, such as strains, sprains, carpal tunnel, and back injuries, due to the physically demanding nature of their work. In addition to a comprehensive ergonomics training program with modules for contractors and their employees, this program provides contractors with practical tools and information to plan for safe materials handling at each project stage from bidding through the completion of a project. It includes information on lifting equipment, spreadsheets to help plan and track progress, interactive training and coaching tools to introduce or reinforce safe practices, and on-the job training materials. Watch the video to see how a contractor can use the planning resources. Available in English and Spanish.

Safety Climate and Safety Culture – A strong, positive safety culture and safety climate helps reduce the potential for job site injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. CPWR has developed a number of resources to help contractors improve their safety culture and climate, including:

  • Worksheets and a Rating Tool to Help You Strengthen Jobsite Safety Climate. This document gives companies the opportunity to get a high-level sense of their safety climate maturity and review a list of possible safety management interventions.
  • Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT). The S-CAT is a reliable and valid survey instrument that companies can use to assess their Safety Climate Maturity across eight leading safety climate indicators. It can be used on its own or by a company with their employees and is available in English and Spanish.
  • Safety Climate Assessment Tool for Small Contractors (S-CATsc). The Safety Climate Assessment Tool for Small Contractors (S-CATSC) is based on the structure and content of the original S-CAT. It provides a snapshot of which activities the company is currently doing or could do in the future to improve safety climate across the eight leading safety climate indicators. Designed particularly for smaller companies just beginning their safety climate improvement journey, it can be used on its own or by a company with their employees and is available in English and Spanish.

Work Safely with Silica – The OSHA silica standard requires employers to protect their employees from exposure to respirable silica dust. This website and the related “Create-A-Plan tool, provide contractors with information on the hazard and health risk, training resources and the latest research. The free “Create-A-Plan” online tool can help contractors create the written exposure control plan required by the standard.


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