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Research to Practice (r2p)


r2p Partnerships

Construction safety and health advances do not happen in isolation. When researchers, workers, contractors, unions, government, and other construction stakeholders work together they can accelerate the development, acceptance, and use of safer tools, materials, and work practices on construction sites – research to practice (r2p). CPWR’s r2p-focused partnerships create the capacity to tackle critical safety and health issues that no single group could effectively address on their own. This section includes information on the types of r2p-focused partnerships established and outputs.

Model Industry r2p Partnerships
Communities of practice

Communities of practice to tackle critical safety and health issues facing the construction industry.

Roundtable on Reaching Vulnerable Workers

These initiatives serve as platforms for sharing new ideas, materials, and best practices and lessons learned inform our Construction Research to Practice (r2p) Partnership Toolkit and annual r2p Seminar and Partnership Workshop.  In addition, CPWR’s Solutions Project works in close cooperation with NIOSH on engineering control technologies research.


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