Training Courses

Disaster Response

CPWR has developed a dynamic interactive worker training program to prepare skilled construction workers to use their skills in support of disaster response efforts. Based on lessons learned from the rescue and clean up after the World Trade Center, the Oklahoma federal building bombing, and other major disasters, this training program prepares workers to recognize hazards, to use the right personal protective equipment and decontamination procedures, and how to fit into the Incident Command system.  The training is one leg of a comprehensive plan to provide a pool of skilled support personnel ready to support disaster site rescue, recovery, and cleanup efforts.  The other two legs of the training program are the OSHA 10 hour class and the 40 hour hazardous waste site worker class.

This training program is flexible and adaptable to a wide range of situations.  It is designed to be used as both pre-event training and after event “just in time” training.  The training is modularized so that hazards that are present on a site can be focused on and those that are not present can be skipped over without any loss in the continuity of the course.

For more information, email Mike Kassman, CPWR’s Director of OSHA and Disaster Response Programs.

The curriculum contains:

Technically Accurate Information in Four Key Areas:

  • Recognizing Hazards
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Decontamination
  • Incident Command

Lessons Learned. Interviews with:

  • Construction workers and fire fighters who responded to the World Trade Center and other disasters
  • Building Trades safety and health trainers.

References to OSHA regulations

Demonstrations on respirator use

Animations about safety hazards, PPE, and incident command

Discussion points/charts/questions & answers

User Guide/Instructor Guide/Navigation Guide/IAFF Incident Command Resource Information