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Safety Culture and Safety Climate

The construction industry is increasingly recognizing that a strong, positive Safety Culture and Safety Climate helps reduce the potential for job site injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Researchers agree that these concepts and related practices are key to reducing adverse incidents.  CPWR has developed a number of resources to help contractors improve their safety culture and job site safety climate.

  • Worksheets and a Rating Tool to Help You Strengthen Jobsite Safety Climate. This workbook was developed with input from construction stakeholders. It gives companies the opportunity to get a high-level sense of their safety climate maturity, review a list of safety management interventions they could consider implementing to strengthen that indicator and prioritize by when they could start implementation. The last section contains the Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT).
  • Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT) The S-CAT is a reliable and valid survey instrument (Probst and Goldenhar, 2019) that companies can use to assess their Safety Climate Maturity across eight leading safety climate indicators. The S-CAT (also available in Spanish) can be completed on-line at


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