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The Construction Chart Book

The sixth edition of The Construction Chart Book – The U.S. Construction Industry and Its Workers continues to present the most complete data available on all facets of the U.S. construction industry: economic, demographic, employment/income, education/training, and safety and health issues, plus much more all in one place.

This new edition not only offers on-demand access to the charts and data, but also includes interactive features that enhance the user’s experience. Users can click on terms to access definitions instantly, and easily enlarge charts and tables within each page. References, citations, and databases are also hyperlinked to enable users to further explore these sources.

New features to look for include:
  • Easier navigation through use of bookmarks (PDF) and right hand navigation bar (online).
  • Access specific charts from the Detailed Contents page by clicking on the title
  • Advance to a page referenced in the text (e.g., ‘see page 6’) by clicking the underlined page number.
  • View definitions of italicized terms within the same page by hovering over the term with your mouse (PDF) or clicking on the term (online).
  • Enlarge charts and tables using the zoom function (PDF) or simply click the chart image (online).
  • Access charts in PowerPoint and tables in Word by clicking the chart/table title (PDF).
  • Link to external references, citations, and databases via hyperlinks
Download the Sixth Edition of The Construction Chart Book PDF*

(right click on the link + select ‘save link as’)

*Please note: Because settings differ across various web browsers, we recommend downloading the PDF rather than viewing within a web browser to ensure full functionality of the new features.


When using information appearing in The Construction Chart Book, please credit: CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training, produced with support from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health grant number OH009762

The authors of the Chart Book suggest reading the text and notes that accompany the charts, as explanations and nuances within the data cannot be fully revealed in charts.

Get detailed chart data by right-clicking on the chart in PowerPoint. Select “edit data.” An Excel file with the numbers used to build the charts will appear. Many numbers shown on the charts are rounded.

Note: There are no detailed data for the map charts in PowerPoint. All data for the map charts are reflected in the legends.

Mobile device users: Mobile phones and tablets cannot read Powerpoint. You will need to download an app to view the charts in Powerpoint. There are free and low cost apps available. All charts can be viewed within the PDF pages of the book.
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