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Preventing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a serious problem for workers in the construction industry, with three out of every four construction workers being overexposed to noise on a jobsite. That is why hearing loss prevention is a priority for the OSHA-NIOSH-CPWR r2p Working Group. In order to understand more about noise exposure and hearing loss prevention, CPWR used its Trainers and Researchers United Network (TRU-Net) to conduct multi-trade surveys of trainers and workers.

The results of the trainer and worker surveys identified a need for additional training materials and new strategies to improve retention of the information and training provided. Based on these findings, CPWR’s r2p and training staff developed the Construction Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention Training Program. This comprehensive program includes modules and exercises that can be used on their own or as part of OSHA training programs:

In addition to the training program, the following are links to other useful resources (some of which are incorporated into the training program) that can be used to raise awareness, address noise hazards, and prevent hearing loss in the construction industry: