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Pre-Task Planning (PTP) Guidelines and Resources for Construction

Pre-Task Planning (PTP) is a process performed before each task starts to discuss the steps of work, the hazards, and available controls. This process may also be known as job hazard analysis (JHA), job safety analysis (JSA), morning huddle, or other terms.

To help contractors design, implement, assess, and continuously improve their PTP process, CPWR has developed a comprehensive PTP package. It contains several applied tools — including checklists, templates, and practical examples — to help you through the process. To access these resources, use the links below.


To obtain individual checklists and tools included in the full package, select from this list:


October 25 Webinar — PTP through Post-Job-Review: CPWR’s Guidelines and Applied Resources

Listen to the recording to learn how these PTP resources can help you initiate PTP or improve the quality of an established PTP process.