Completed Research

Construction Solutions (Completed – 2014-2019)

Babak Memarian


[email protected]

Research Team

Sara Brooks, Chris Le

Construction Solutions encompassed several interrelated projects, including the Construction Solutions Database, the Exposure Control Database, and the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator. Under Aims 1 and 4, the Construction Solutions Database provides comprehensive information on commercially available control methods. It is anticipated to increase the adoption of controls in three ready-for-impact areas including falls, struck-by, and Prevention through Design (PtD). Under Aim 2, the Exposure Control Database enables contractors and other users to estimate exposure to four high-priority health hazards using a collection of objective exposure measurements. Under Aim 3, the Return on Investment (ROI) calculator provides quantitative data to evaluate the financial impact of new equipment introduced to improve safety. Together, these resources will improve contractors’ ability to make informed safety and health decisions.

This project incorporated multiple evaluation methods and employed the r2p Roadmap and appropriate dissemination methods. The project was also supported by the Engineering and Work Practice Controls Workgroup (ECWG). This Workgroup, co-chaired by CPWR and NIOSH, has met regularly since 1993. It includes representatives from labor, management, manufacturing, and government who served as advisors throughout the lifecycle of the project.