Completed Research

Costs of Occupational Injuries in Construction (Completed – 2004-2009)

Ted R. Miller

Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation
11710 Beltsville Drive
Suite 300
Ph: (301) 755-2727
: [email protected]

Original Project Abstract:

The objectives of the proposed study are (1) to update, document, and widely disseminate PIRE’s estimates of the medical, work loss, and intangible costs of occupational injury and illness in the construction trades, (2) to provide a tool that companies and unions can use to estimate their costs of occupational injury and illness in construction, (3) jointly with CPWR staff and grantees, to apply the injury cost estimates in order to develop and disseminate a series of cost-outcome analyses of OSH interventions in construction, and (4) to provide training and technical assistance in use of the cost estimates through PIRE’s 10-year-old Safety Economics Resource Center.