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Completed Research

Disparities Surveillance Research

Xiuwen Sue Dong


Research Team

Raina Brooks, Samantha Brown

The objective of this project is to explore factors underlying safety and health disparities in construction, focusing on high-risk construction subgroups. Specifically, we will 1) study how occupational and non-occupational factors contribute to safety and health of Hispanic construction workers, in particular Mexican migrants and new immigrants; 2) examine occupational and safety training, health behaviors and personal risk factors and socioeconomic factors that could affect safety and health among young construction workers; 3) investigate mechanisms of the aging process; ability to work; risk factors for injuries, illnesses, disability and early retirement; and ways to sustain the working life of older construction workers; 4) assess job exits and turnover, job-to-job transitions, job tenure, migration, and demographic and socioeconomic factors that could affect the safety and health of temporary construction workers; and 5) evaluate safety management among small construction companies.

We will utilize a number of unique data sets and analytical methods to achieve our project objectives and specific aims. We will leverage our past experience in executing the methodological approaches to accomplish each specific aim. Key determinants and findings from this project will expand our knowledge of safety and health disparities in construction, and serve as an evidence-based guide for preventions and interventions aimed at minimizing such disparities. A number of publications and regression models will be generated from this project. All of our research findings will be made publicly available, primarily through our websites, and Our findings will be also disseminated through peer-reviewed journals, webinars, conference presentations, and responses to data requests.


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