Completed Research

Communications Plan (Completed 2014–2019)

Clayton Sinyai


[email protected]

Research Team

Sharretta Benjamin

National Construction Center research findings often have the potential to prevent injuries and preserve quality of life for those working in the trades, and even save money for construction firms.  The objective of this project is to deliver the National Construction Center’s research findings and evidence-based solutions to audiences who can use them to improve construction safety and health, making the lives of those working on U.S. construction sites safer and healthier. The project’s communications efforts will be enhanced by identifying critical target audience segments and establishing outreach programs targeting each of these segments to ensure delivery of products to the people most likely to use them.

The proposed project worked to achieve the specific aims to 1) maintain and expand the electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (eLCOSH); 2) assist with the production of publications in coordination with the r2p projects; 3) evaluate communication strategies/products in reaching multiple target audiences; and 4) explore how journalists in the mass media and the trade press understand safety and health issues and increase coverage of the National Construction Center’s research in the media.