Current Research

Manufactured Nanomaterials in Construction: Evaluating Exposures, Controls and Worker Training

Gavin West

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Bruce Lippy

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Research Team

Sara Brooks, Leonard Burrelli, Mark Nealley, Michael Cooper, William Kojola, William Perry, Keith Rickabaugh, Andreas Saldivar


CPWR researchers are identifying new nano-enabled construction products and studying exposures and controls to better understand risks to workers. The research includes examining how exposures change when construction materials like cement are worn down over time. Collaboration with toxicologists at NIOSH is helping to determine how uncontrolled exposures in construction could relate to potential health effects. Finally, CPWR staff are implementing a new train-the-trainer program to increase knowledge in the trades of how nanomaterials are being used and to share the latest information on risks and safe work practices.

Selected Outputs

Conference Presentation

Inhaled Particles Conference/ NanOEH Conference: Particle Risk and Construction Materials (video)