Current Research

Reactive Chemical Systems: Part B – Developing Data-Driven Interventions

Dhimiter Bello

University of Massachusetts Lowell
[email protected]

Research Team

Anila Bello


The team at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is expanding its research on reactive chemical resin systems to understand exposures to Part B components. Part B contains several chemicals of concern, including solvent blends, hardeners or catalysts, engineered nanomaterials and other additives, crystalline silica, and flame retardants. Exposures to Part B components have been associated with multiple diseases, including contact dermatitis, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, as well as kidney and reproductive toxicity. The effect of exposures to part B ingredients have not been investigated, however, nor is much known about controls and their effectiveness. This project aims to develop comprehensive data-driven intervention strategies to minimize workers’ exposures and health risks.