Current Research

Research to Practice (r2p) Core

Jessica Bunting

[email protected]

Research Team

Grace Barlet, Rosa Greenberg


Through our r2p program, we are building on our strong foundation and increase emphasis on identifying the factors that influence the final stage of translation research ‒ implementation of evidence-based solutions on the job. We are 1) developing and testing new materials and dissemination strategies to raise awareness and use of research findings, with a particular focus on reaching construction populations at high risk; 2) supporting partnerships and engage stakeholders in the development and implementation of r2p plans across all our research efforts; and 3) identifying and applying successful strategies that advance r2p. We are also conducting new research on how to communicate risk effectively, what motivates and influences the construction industry’s use of research findings, and the effectiveness of training programs for dissemination and implementation. In support of these initiatives and other research projects, we are exploring new approaches to assess progress and outcomes in construction intervention research, including piloting the use of developmental evaluation and establishing panels of industry stakeholders to identify and measure intermediate and end outcomes. Lessons learned and new r2p tools developed are shared with construction safety and health researchers, OSHA, NIOSH and industry stakeholders through our r2p Seminars and Partnership Workshops held in conjunction with meetings of CPWR’s Research Consortium.