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McGraw Hill recently published a report and accompanying presentation based on a research study, Safety Management in the Construction Industry: Identifying Risks and Reducing Accidents to Improve Site Productivity and Project ROI.

“Over the last 20 years the practice of construction has undergone profound changes. The types of projects, the manner in which those projects are delivered and the tools used for design and communication, all have changed dramatically.  Additionally, new technologies, such as building information modeling (BIM), have enabled projects to become more complex.  Therefore it is essential for contractors to have a fully integrated, extensive safety program that can respond to evolving industry needs and allow them to stay competative.  The results of the study on project safety featured in this SmartMarket Report that the adoption of safety practices are different between general contractors and subcontractors, as well as between small and large firms (although these factors are correlated).”

CPWR supported the publication of this SmartMarket Report as a Premier Partner.

Access the full report.
Access the PowerPoint presentation.


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