Handouts, Planning Tools & Training Programs

Several research projects and r2p initiatives have resulted in materials and programs targeted for use by contractors, trainers, workers and other industry stakeholders, including training programs and materials, resource collections focused on a specific hazard, and products to use to raise awareness of hazards and ways to work safely (translational products).

Distance Learning Best Practices
CPWR has been evaluating the effectiveness of safety training in a distance learning format. The results of this research have included a report and three best practices documents for trainers and trainees.

Hazard-Specific Resources & Training Tools
A list of topical websites, online resources, handouts, and other tools developed through the r2p program and other trusted sources.

Planning Tools and Resources
Tools to help contractors develop plans for reducing injury and illness, including written exposure control plans and step-by-step plans for everything from bidding to training to rescue operations.

Training Programs