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Resources for Stakeholders and Researchers

The resources in this section can be used by both industry stakeholders, such as contractors, trainers, and workers, and researchers, to advance the use of a solution for a hazard, improve the industry’s safety culture and climate, and connect with specific groups within the industry who could benefit most from research findings and interventions.

Technology Transfer Resource

Tech transfer can be a barrier or a pathway to moving safer tools and equipment to the marketplace and onto job sites. A CPWR sponsored Construction Industry Technology Transfer Symposium found that researchers and other stakeholders needed more information on working with manufacturers and obtaining patents and licenses. The final Symposium report, Best Practices for Health and Safety Technology Transfer in Construction, and recommendations led to the development of several resources to further researchers’ understanding and increase their capacity for technology transfer, including:

For more on CPWR’s technology transfer efforts see the background materials developed for the Symposium: Technology; Symposium agenda; Summaries of case studies discussed; Speaker biographies; and posters covering  Battery Powered Tools, Critical Path Safety Scheduling Software, NIOSH Mine Safety & Research r2p Success, Overhead Drilling, Silica/Milling Machine Partnership, and Diffusion of Innovation theory explanation.

Safety Climate Workbook

Safety Climate Workbook –The workbook Strengthening Jobsite Safety Climate by Using and Improving Leading Indicators – Eight Worksheets to Help You Use and Improve Leading Indicators, is designed to help construction managers, safety professionals, and hourly craft workers assess their company’s safety culture maturity level and prioritize ideas to improve their safety climate.

Resources on Reaching Vulnerable Workers

Young workers, Latino workers, new entrants to the industry, and those working for small contractors have been found to be at a higher risk for an injury or fatality than the construction workforce as a whole.  Reaching these workers and their employers can be challenging because they are often unorganized and work on very small or isolated projects. Many work in the residential sector. The CPWR Resources on Latino Workers, Young Workers, and Small Businesses in the Construction Industry was compiled to advance safety and health with these important target audiences, and the following recent research and materials were developed:

Latino workers and small contractors:

Women in the Trades

Construction Research to Practice (r2p) Partnership Toolkit

Construction Research to Practice (r2p) Partnership Toolkit — Provides step-by-step advice, tools, case studies, and partnership models to help establish, foster, and sustain such collaborations.

Construction Safety & Health Network

The online Construction Safety & Health Network was created to provide an easy way for stakeholders to share research findings and outputs with their networks and to connect  construction safety and health researchers, intermediaries, and industry stakeholders in need of each other’s expertise in support of research.

The CPWR, OSHA and NIOSH Database and Outreach Resource

The CPWR, OSHA and NIOSH Database and Outreach Resource (CONDOR) is a contact resource developed to do targeted outreach on critical health and safety innovations, emerging issues, and new findings to those who need and can act on this information. The database includes contact information for thousands of construction contractors, government officials, health and safety professionals, university-based researchers, labor representatives, trade press and others.


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CPWR manages a series of websites that address specific hazards or audiences. See the full list.