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Nanomaterials in Construction

Nanomaterials are extremely small particles that are being added to a wide range of building materials to improve their properties. Because some nanomaterials may pose health risks, CPWR tracks how they are used in construction and shares this information through our eLCOSH Nano Inventory. CPWR also conducts research to better understand nanomaterial exposure risks and controls.

This dashboard contains four sets of charts that summarize more than 900 products in the Nano Inventory.  Navigate the charts by clicking the blue boxes or arrows at the top of the dashboard. Hover or click on this icon Data Dashboard information icon below for more info. If using a mobile device, zoom out slightly and use landscape mode for a better navigation experience.

The dashboard will be updated quarterly, or as new data are available. For questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] or Gavin West, CPWR’s director of health research.

Recommended Citation: CPWR-The Center for Construction Research and Training. [2024]. Nanomaterials in Construction [dashboard].


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