Latino Construction Worker Resources Collection

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries for all workers in the United States, but Latino workers in particular have higher work-related fatality rates and are more likely than non-Latino construction workers to suffer work-related injuries, including those severe enough to cause lost workdays. Latino construction workers also lack access to health care coverage and have significantly lower rates of workers compensation coverage compared to white, non-Latino construction workers (Dong 2007).

This collection of resources is part of an ongoing CPWR effort to look at projects and research efforts that aim to identify the disparate safety and health risks affecting Latino construction workers, as well as promising strategies to address these disparities. The collection includes:

  • Background
  • Case Examples
  • Project, Research, and Resource Highlights
  • Thematic Challenges
  • Potential Areas for Future Research
  • Additional Latino Construction Worker Articles and Reports

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