Safety Culture and Safety Climate

S-CAT for Small Contractors

The Safety Climate Assessment Tool for Small Contractors (S-CATsc) is based on the structure and content of the original S-CAT but was re-designed as more of a needs assessment for use by smaller-sized construction companies. Companies answer questions about specific activities they are carrying-out across the same eight safety climate leading indicators measured in the original S-CAT:

  1. Demonstrates Management Commitment to Safety
  2. Promotes and Incorporates Safety as a Value
  3. Ensures Accountability at All Levels
  4. Supports Effective Supervisory Leadership
  5. Empowers and Involves Employees
  6. Communicates Effectively
  7. Provides Training at All Levels
  8. Encourages Owner/Client Involvement

You can access and administer the S-CATsc at no charge by going to our Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System (SC-SMIS) website and creating an account.  If you enter as a guest, you can download the S-CATsc but will need to create a free account to administer it at your company.