Safety Culture and Safety Climate

S-CAT for Small Contractors

The Safety Climate Assessment Tool for Small Contractors (S-CATsc) is based on the structure and content of the original S-CAT but was re-designed as more of a needs assessment for use by smaller sized construction company employers. Companies answer questions about specific activities they are carrying-out across the same eight safety climate leading indicators measured in the original S-CAT:

  1. Demonstrates Management Commitment to Safety
  2. Promotes and Incorporates Safety as a Value
  3. Ensures Accountability at All Levels
  4. Supports Effective Supervisory Leadership
  5. Empowers and Involves Employees
  6. Communicates Effectively
  7. Provides Training at All Levels
  8. Encourages Owner/Client Involvement

Once completed, the company receives a report describing the activities it is currently doing to strengthen their jobsite safety climate and those it might consider doing in the future.

There are two ways for a company to use the S-CATSC

(1) Completing the S-CATsc on-paper

Download the S-CAT Workbook and Worksheet in English and in Spanish. Make copies of the worksheet and distribute them to each employee who you want to complete it. Emphasize that they should not put their name on it because all information should be collected anonymously.  Provide a secure location for employees to drop-off their completed worksheets. Once the completed worksheets have been collected, you can review them to see how responses align.

If you would like a report containing all the responses, please mail copies of the completed worksheets to:

Grace Barlet, CPWR
8484 Georgia Ave
Suite 1000
Silver Spring, MD 20910

(2) Completing the S-CATsc online

A. Individual Assessment: Provide employees with the URL to complete the survey anonymously either in English or Spanish.  When they hit submit, the program will automatically generate a report that includes that person’s assessment of how s/he thinks the company is doing with respect to the eight leading safety climate indicators.

B. Company-wide Assessment: Contact CPWR at and indicate that you would like to conduct a company-wide S-CATsc assessment. CPWR will generate a unique URL link for you to share with employees which they can click on and anonymously complete the S-CATsc. The URL link can only be used by your company and will be active for the time period you specify.  Once the end-date has been reached, we will generate your company-specific report.

Free Resources & Materials to Help Implement the Ideas

Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) was developed to provide safety leadership skills. This free program can be used with supervisory personnel, management, and workers. It is also an approved OSHA 30-hour elective module.

Resources to conduct a Job Hazard Analysis instructions and related resources on how to conduct a job hazard analysis developed by the Maine Department of Labor.

Planning Tools to Reduce Injuries and Related Costs 

Training & Educational Resources on Specific Construction Hazards and Solutions

OSHA Safe Workplace + Sound Business Resources