Research Projects

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CPWR Research Project Leads


Evaluation and Improvement of OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Training
Mark Fullen, EdD
West Virginia University
Kimberly Rauscher, ScD, MA
Boise State University

Evaluation of the Best Built Plans Manual Material Handling Tool for Construction
Ann Marie Dale, PhD
Bradley Evanoff, MD, MPH

Washington University in St. Louis

Evaluation of Trunk and Arm Support Exoskeletons for Construction
Carisa Harris-Adamson, PhD, CPE, PT
University of California, San Francisco
Maury Nussbaum, PhD,
Virginia Tech

Health Hazard Controls Industry Diffusion: Evidence-based Intervention Strategy
Deborah Dickerson, PhD, MS, CIH
Virginia Tech

Improving Safety Leadership and Fall Prevention Training in Residential Work
Bradley Evanoff, MD, MPH
Ann Marie Dale, PhD

Washington University in St. Louis

Promoting Safety and Well-being among Sheet Metal Worker Women through Mentoring
Noah Seixas, PhD
Marissa Baker, PhD

University of Washington

Reactive Chemical Systems: Part B— Developing Data-Driven Interventions
Dhimiter Bello, MESC, SCD
University of Massachusetts Lowell


Communications, Outreach and Education Core
Bill Wright

Construction Industry Data and Statistical Core
Xiuwen Sue Dong, DrPH

Manufactured Nanomaterials in Construction: Evaluating Exposures, Controls and Worker Training
Bruce Lippy, PhD, CIH, CSP Gavin West, MPH

Prevention through Augmented Pre-Task Planning
Babak Memarian, PhD

Research to Practice (r2p) Core
Jessica Bunting

Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System (SC-SMIS)
Linda Goldenhar, PhD


Application of End-of-Shift Respirable Crystalline Silica Monitoring to Construction
Martin Harper, PhD
Zefon International, Inc.

Applying Prevention through Design (PtD) to Solar Systems in Small Buildings
Hyun Woo Lee, PhD, MS
University of Washington
John Gambatese, PhD, MS
Oregon State University

Development of Sustainable Workforce Model for Construction
John Gambatese, PhD, MS
Oregon State University

Embedded Safety Communication System for Robust Hazard Perception of Individuals in Work Zones
Jee Woong Park, PhD
University of Nevada, Las VegasErgonomic Back Injury Risk Factors in Construction Glass and Glazing Work
Terry Stentz, PhD, MSIE, MPH
University of Nebraska–LincolnImpacts of Policy Changes on Worker Safety Outcomes in NYC Construction Sites
Maria Figueroa, LPD
Cornell University Insights from Workers’ Compensation Surveillance Data
Edward Taylor, MS
University of TennesseeiSafe: Using Panoramic Augmented Reality to Create a Virtual Safety Training Environment
Masoud Gheisari, PhD
University of Florida

Prevention through Design to Make Solar-Ready Houses Safe for Solar Workers
Hyun Woo Lee, PhD
University of Washington
John Gambatese, PhD
Oregon State University

Recent Trenching Accidents, Analysis of Causes and Recommendations to Reduce Them
Ruth Ruttenberg, PhD
Ruth Ruttenberg & Associates

Using Unmanned Aerial Systems for Automated Fall Hazard Monitoring in High-Rise Construction
Masoud Gheisari, PhD
University of Florida