Research to Practice (r2p)

Intellectual Property Patent & Licensing Guide for Construction Safety & Health Researchers & Inventors

Over the last several years, CPWR has accelerated research to practice (r2p) activities to better meet dissemination needs. One focus of this effort is on Technology Transfer. In May 2102, CPWR hosted a Technology Transfer Symposium, which brought together researchers and representatives from government, manufacturing, contractor associations, labor, and the insurance industry to discuss barriers and strategic approaches to diffuse health and safety technologies and best practices across the construction industry. This Intellectual Property Patent & Licensing Guide, was developed in response to a recommendation resulting from this Symposium. The purpose of this Guide is to help researchers understand the key steps and questions they should consider, and the implications of protecting, or not protecting, any intellectual property that they develop while conducting research and developing products and materials to advance safety and health in the construction industry. This Guide was developed with safety and health researchers in mind, but it is also a useful resource for inventors and developers of equipment, tools, and resources designed to make construction job sites safer and healthier for workers.