Materials Handling Contractor Planning Tool

Get Ready.

Now is the time to PLAN for how materials will be delivered, stored and moved so that you can work productively and avoid costly injuries. 

“Planning starts pretty much when we’re bidding on a job, we look at all the materials that are required… We take a look at the ease of installation, packaging and storage. If at all possible, we’ll have the suppliers store the materials so that we don’t have to handle it…(CPWR Contractor Interview, January 2017)

Materials Handling Questions to Consider & Helpful Resources

  1. What types of materials do you plan to use on the project?
  2. What quantity of each material will you need?
  3. When do you plan to use each material?
  4. How heavy are the units of material that you will need to move? Are there lower weight options? Will the materials be marked with the unit weight? Find weights of common building materials and examples of lower weight options.
  5. How will the materials be delivered and stored?  Can they be stored off the ground to minimize bending and lifting? Find examples of storage options.
  6. What lifting equipment or staff assistance will be used to lift and move heavy materials (for example, units that weigh 50 pounds or more)?  REMINDER: heavy materials, for example those that weigh 50 pounds or more, should ideally be lifted with the help of lifting equipment, but may be lifted by a team. Find examples of lifting equipment.
  7. Need help keeping track of the materials, weights, storage options, lifting equipment and assistance, and the cost of these items for your bid?  Download a copy of the Manual Materials Handling WorkbookThis Excel workbook contains worksheets to help you plan for and keep track of manual materials handling for each stage of your project. The 1st worksheet will help you keep track of the information needed for your Bid.