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Successful contractors plan for how materials will be stored, lifted, and moved. Watch the BBP Contractor Training Program video to learn more. The Best Built Plans (BBP) program identifies the actions to take and provides free resources to use at each project stage to implement safe materials handling practices. The approach follows the hierarchy of controls for reducing the risks for injuries associated with manually lifting and moving materials, from the most effective approaches for risk reduction at the top of the inverted triangle to the least effective for risk reduction at the bottom.

The Site Planning Tool includes:

  • Worksheets to help you calculate the cost of using safe materials handling practices, find the weights of common building materials and storage and handling options, and plan for their use.
  • Checklists to use on the job to make sure your plan for how materials are to be delivered, stored, lifted and moved is put into practice.
  • Training programs and educational materials for use with workers and management in a class and on the job site to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of planning for and using safe practices.

​Everyone plans differently and it can be challenging to get started. While it is best to start when bidding on a project to ensure the equipment and resources needed to work safety are in your budget, the good news is that you can start gradually. Pick the current stage of a project underway:

Tips on How to Get Started

Best Built Plans

A short video introduces you to the program and how to use it to help plan for safe materials handling throughout a project’s life cycle – from preparing the bid through completing the project.

Watch the video in English (06:38) or in Spanish (08:45)