Handouts, Planning Tools & Training Programs

Training Programs

Training for Contractors & Workers

The Best Built Plans Comprehensive Training Program  is designed to educate contractors and workers on the risks associated with manually lifting and moving materials and how to prevent strain, sprain and other soft tissue injuries.

Contractor Training Program – a 45-minute video presentation to train employers on the causes of soft tissue injuries, guidance on how to create a company-wide ergonomics program, and a brief overview of Best Built Plans resources.

Worker Training Program – designed to be used by an instructor in a classroom setting all at once or at separate times, the program includes detailed instructions on how to conduct each module and the handouts to use. Handouts and reinforcement exercises such as toolbox talks are also included.

Interactive Training & Coaching Resources – interactive training exercises with narration to educate workers on the need to plan lifts and the types of equipment, work practices, and lifting techniques that can reduce the risk for injury, and coaching exercises that introduce and test a user’s knowledge of warm-up activities and lifting fundamentals. These resources can be used by trainers or by workers on their own.